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Many people are beginning to realize that natural raw honey and other products from the bee hive are a great choice for improved nutrition, health and beauty. Honey Health Farms a family owned endeavor has long recognized that our products produced with the help of honey bees and mother nature, provide the alternative to better nutrition, health and beauty. 

For thousands of years, the honey bee acted like a pharmacist and produced numerous healthy alternative products. The bee hive became a so called "medicine for early mankind". Mankind discovered that using honey and other products made by honeybees helped heal their wounds, fought off their infections, helped combat their allergies and gave them incredible energy for survival. Honey is also well known for its many uses as a beauty treatment.

It is our goal to continue serving you with great products and exemplary service. As always we relish your feedback and support. We can only grow with your help.

Please consider our current sale offering great products at reduced prices. Please note that we have several products listed that ship free. Please contact us at any time you have feedback on our current products and programs and as well any time you have suggestions.

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Miss Moxie The Amazing Honeybee Story is now available!. Just click on her personal button to the left and read about a wonderful educational and entertaining story about honeybees. This story makes an ideal special occasions gift for children and/or young adults! This story is very informative and will help young people understand the tremendous benefits and values that honeybees provide mankind.Told in a fun loving way the story covers the role that worker bees, the queen bee and drones play in keeping the bee hive healthy and self sustaining. To see how much children learn from the story there is a test at the end of the book. Honey Health Farms customers constantly mention the many health and nutritional benefits they receive from using our products. The apiaries where our honey is produced are located in pastures and wooded glades where wildflowers and clover flourish. These hives are just a few of the many hives that our field crew maintain without the use of harmful chemicals! Children under one year of age and diabetics should not eat honey. People with known allergic reactions to honey or honey products should avoid using them.Our goal at Honey Health Farms is to provide alternative nutrition and health options by selling high quality, all natural products produced with the help of honey bees and mother nature.

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